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d’établissements d’enseignement
supérieur de la création
artistique arts de la scène
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The association

In a world where the professions of many artists are in a constant state of flux — be they authors, performers or teachers — French institutes dealing with performing arts (dance, music and drama) created in 2014 the Anescas: National Association of Higher Education Institutes for Artistic Creation in the domain of performing arts. We form a reflective space for prospective study and action, through constant exchange with a wide array of professional partnerships, both social and political, in France and abroad.

The association gathers sixteen institutes for higher education in performing arts under the tutelage of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. These public institutions cover the entire French territory and are associated with the universities of their respective regions. Fully integrated in the European higher education Bologna Bachelor-Master-PhD scheme, these institutions are involved in the field of initial training and lifelong learning.

L'équipe Anescas

Anescas crew

About 2 500 students and interns are welcomed each year.

Les membres du bureau :

Jean-Marc Vernier, Le Pont Supérieur Bretagne-Pays de la Loire (président) ; Pierre-Marie Quéré, PNSD Cannes Mougins Marseille (vice-Président) ; Jacques Moreau, CEFEDEM, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Vice-Président) Sylvie Saussé, CESMD Poitiers (Trésorière) ; Laurent Gignoux, PESMD Bordeaux (Secrétaire)